This week was quite fun. I have always loved petit fours so I quite enjoyed learning how to make a wide variety of them. Not all of them were my favorite to eat (too sweet) but they sure where a lot of fun to make. Here is a list of all of this weeks creations: Bâtons de Maréchal, Miroirs, Eponges, Sablés Hollandais, Tuiles à l'Orange, Macaroons, Dark Chocolate Fudge with Pistachio, Florentins and Financiers.  I think my favorite were the macaroons because I had always wanted to learn how to make them properly.

The stress has really kicked in for finals next week.  We have two exams: a written test and a practical in the kitchen. This weekend is a long weekend in the UK so I am spending all three days baking. James is in Ireland with his football (soccer) team, thus giving me the flat to myself to bake up a storm and cram like crazy. Wish me luck!

{photos: Julia Ferguson from Room for Dessert}

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