Hi Everyone. I passed my finals (thank God!) and now I'm off to Portugal tomorrow morning for a week long road trip along the coast with James.  We just booked our tickets this week, and didn't really have much time to plan so we are just going to let the wind blow us where it may.  I am really in need of a vacation (or holiday as the British like to say), and finally get a few days this summer at the beach.  I can't wait!  Even though I'll be away, I've set up some posts to go out next week until I get back.  Hope you enjoy them.
{via David Klein}

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  1. KATHERINE FERGUSONSeptember 10, 2010 9:19 PM

    Congratulations on passing your finals! I'm sure you and James will have a fabulous time in Portugal - the trip sounds like a dream!
    Have fun! xoxmom


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