Today I was supposed to head back to San Francisco for Christmas but my flight got CANCELLED! With icy temperatures here in the UK, my flight was the last in a round of cancellations due to the weather. After five and a half hours on the phone last night, it looks like I won't be making it home until the evening of the 26th thus missing Christmas. Not ideal to say the least. There is nothing I wanted more for Christmas than to be with my family. I am lucky, however, to be in London with the person I love. I feel awful for all of those people who were here on business or just passing through and will be spending Christmas in the airport and/or away from everyone they know. I have asked my family to pretend that the authorities moved Christmas back this year like they did with daylight savings (haha). Good luck to everyone out there dealing with this mess, and wishing everyone an early Merry Christmas.

{image via The Baltimore Sun}

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