Goodbye USA. It's been great! I'm going to miss you for sure, but I'm heading back to London for my final term at Le Cordon Bleu. I've made a little list of things I will miss most about you (in no particular order)...

20. Not having to use words like...
-'loo roll' (translation: toilet paper)
-'cocktail stick' (translation: toothpicks)
-'rubbish bin' (translation: trash can)
-'snogging' (translation: making out)
-'bangers and mash' (translation: pork sausage and mashed potatoes)
-'pickled cucumbers' or 'gherkins' (translation: pickles... try asking for a pickle and they'll ask you "pickled what?")
-'trousers' (translation: pants, and 'pants' means 'under where' which can get you in a lot of trouble when you forget to translate)
-'rubber' (translation: eraser, also a dangerous one if used incorrectly)
19. Good customer service
18. Brunch-ing
17. Chocolate chips
16. Dryers (as is washer + dryer)
15. Driving on the right side of the road (actually I miss driving in general)
14. A good burger
13. Wearing flip-flops all year round
12. Bagels
11. Online banking
10. Toilet seat covers
9. Good affordable food
8. Pretty wrapping paper and ribbon that are easy to find
7. 24-hour supermarkets
6. Hulu
5. Sunshine + clear skies
4. Being outdoors
3. Good Mexican food
2. The beach (and I mean with warmth and sand)
1. My Friends + Family
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