This was my first week of Superior Patisserie and boy was it intense. In the two previous terms, we would have 5 classes a week: 2 demonstrations, 2 practicals and 1 technical class. We would watch the demos and put to practice what we learned in the kitchen. This term we spend 4 of our 5 classes in the kitchen. It is totally and completely exhausting (but a lot of fun too!). This week we did chocolate work. Our first project: a chocolate train. In general, I feel like my turned out well. It took a moment to get back into the swing of things after the holidays, but by the end of the first class, I felt like I'd never left. Our second project: a box made of chocolate. These boxes are intended to house truffles, chocolates etc. and is a really nice was of presenting them. Overall, I feel like it was a good start to the long difficult term ahead. 

{photos by Julia Ferguson of Room for Dessert}


  1. The train was a roar! Made me laugh, really enjoyed looking at it. The box is beautiful and very creative. Yer doing great kiddo!


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