Boy are my fingers blistered. After a week of working with poured and pulled sugar, my hands are in need of some TLC. I would equate hot sugar to napalm. If your lucky, you'll only get nice big blister. When it sticks to your body, it actually pulls off your skin leaving you raw. At 165*c (or 330*F), it is seriously painful. The reason for inflicting this torture upon ourselves? Sugar sculptures and sugar roses. We made the sculptures three times (all pictured below) in order to practice for our final which is why they all look so similar (I was refining my design each time). They are very fragile and so only one of my three made it's way safely back to the flat. This morning we started making roses. I made two, the first of which (the smaller one pictured) turned out okay and the second one was marginally better. Definitely in need of some more practice which I'll be getting next week.

{photos by Julia Ferguson of Room for Dessert}

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