Los Angeles is one of my favorite cities in the world. Many people see it as just smog and traffic, but I know it as a truly unique metropolis with a lot to offer. Many cities are obvious, there is a downtown, the suburbs, the clearly trendy places to be. LA, however, is the opposite. Nothing is obvious. Neighborhoods, restaurants, boutiques, bars, farmers markets and parks and are spread throughout the urban sprawl like little gems waiting to be discovered. Once you unlock the secrets to Los Angeles, you will find a thriving city full of art, culture, charm, and amazing people.

Two of my favorite spots in LA are the Channel Road Inn and the Inn at Playa del Rey. Both are unique Bed & Breakfasts that offer a wonderful and memorable experience. The Channel Road Inn is located a block and a half from the beach in the Rustic Canyon portion of Santa Monica. With 15  individually decorated rooms, this property is as charming as they come. The Inn at Playa Del Rey is located in the sleepy beach town of, you guessed it, Playa del Rey. With stunning views of a bird sanctuary and a 10 minute walk to the beach, this Bed and Breakfast is a wonderful romantic getaway. Both Inns welcome you with chocolate chip cookies and tasty breakfasts, all freshly prepared onsite. To work off the cookies, they offer complimentary bikes to enjoy along the costal bike paths. Both inns are beautifully decorated with fine linens and tasteful furnishings, no doilies or Laura Ashley prints allowed. I was fortunate enough to work at these properties for two years. I can honestly say that both the staff and the guests are what made these a truly incredible places to work and stay.

{photos: Inn at Playa del ReyChannel Road Inn,  Nicole Damato}

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