When traveling to Argentina, forget superb beef and fine wine and go for the ice cream. In the late 1800's Italian's began to immigrate to Buenos Aires, and with them they brought gelato (an Italian style of ice cream). With flavors like Mousse de Limon, Chocolate Amargo and Dolce Delche con Brownie (my personal favorite), your taste buds are definitely in for a treat. I would even go so far as to say that Argentinean ice cream is even better than Italian gelato. Yeah, it's that good. Check out Freddo during your visit to Buenos Aires, and you will never want to leave South America.
{photo: Julia Ferguson}


  1. "I would even go so far as to say that Argentinean ice cream is even better than Italian gelato."

    I have never been to Argentina, but I find this claim absolutely flabbergasting. It simply cannot be true.

    There are many gelato pretenders, but there is nothing like the real thing. Before you start making ridiculous unsupportable assertions, please travel to Sansepulcro, just across the Tuscan border from Umbria. Go to Gelateria Creperia Ghignoni. Ask for Palmero. When you've completed that task, please return here and correct yourself. Trust me, you'll understand.

  2. Thanks Jordan for my first comment. I would like to one day meet this Palermo you speak of. It's good to know that my posts are really touching people and creating discussion. Who know Ice Cream could get people so heated and really create such an intense effect on the global discussion of food? Haha. See you in Mexico. P.S. Fortunately I know your joking but for ALL of my adoring fans out there (which might only be you), I fear that our sarcasm might not be clear :)

  3. No joke, I just entered the world of BA ice cream... WOW!!! Great minds think alike, as I randomly went for the Dolce Delche con Brownie... DOUBLE WOW!!! Believe it Jordan:)

  4. You need to go to Heladerias Jauja. They start in "El Bolsón" and now they have I think one in Buenos Aires, and they are going to Australia..They have UNIQUE flavors, from tipical fruits and different mixed flavors that together are ESPECTACULARES!!! Just you need to come back and try them!!!}
    And there is my other favorite in Brandsen, Bs. As.(google it)Named Donna... JUST EXCELLENT!!!there you need to try Banana Split, Dulce de leche bombon....and Chocolate amargo.
    Regards from Temperley!!!


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