This week was so much fun.  We made eclairs, which normally I'm not a fan of but did thoroughly enjoy eating (making them, however, was another story), cygnes', a choux pastry dessert shaped like a swan, and a lemon tart with meringue which was absolutely divine.  I have to say, I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying the course so far.  I knew it was something I had always been interested in pursuing, but I didn't realize just how much love it.  I literally feel transformed when leaving class.  I am usually a bit grumpy in the morning about having to wake up to early.  The mood continues as I walk to the tube station because it's ridiculously humid, beyond hot, cold, windy or raining (if you aren't aware of the London weather patterns, there can often be three seasons in one day), and I remain grouchy as I fight my way into the overcrowded subway.  The second I enter the classroom, however, all of that is washed away.  I leave school each day feelling satisfied with life, grateful to be where I am, and happy to do doing something I deeply enjoy.  Here is one of the products of my joy (the lemon tart) for the week..

{photo: Julia Ferguson}

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