I can't believe it... I just completed week two (with thirty-one weeks still remaining) of my Patisserie program at Le Cordon Bleu, and I am absolutely loving it.  I am officially exhausted and about to collapse from the heat, but at the same time, have a grin on my face that I can't seem to wipe off (along with all of the chocolate from today's class).  Though I do have to say, it is not easy; not in the slightest.  It's extremely fast paced and some of the teachers (one in particular) can be rather harsh.  The professors also make it look so easy during the demonstrations, and it becomes quite clear how difficult being a pastry chef truly is the moment we step into the classroom kitchen for our practicals.   Today, I got a bit frustrated when plating my Creme Caramel (it just wasn't going as I had planned).  All in all though, it has been amazing, and I can't believe how much I have already learned.  My classmates are wonderful and from all over the world, the instruction is first-rate, and it's so fun getting into the kitchen and having the opportunity to learn and be creative.  Here are a few photos from yesterday and today which include  shots I took of my Creme Brulee and Creme Caramel (before and after), plus one with some fellow classmates in front of the school.  Ok, I'm off to rest now, enjoy my weekend, and am looking forward of what's to come.

{photos: Julia Ferguson}

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