Sorry I didn't have the chance to post last week about school. Life got really busy, then it was by birthday and then I got sick with a nasty cold.  So here's the update... last week we made a Genoese Sponge Layered with Raspberry Jam and a Black Forrest Gateau. I forgot to take a photo of my Genoese Sponge (so lame...I know) so the one pictured was done by my teacher (first photo of the three below). Both turned out well, but I think I liked the Black Forrest Gateau better because I prefer whipped cream to butter cream. This week I only have one dessert to share with you. I was so sad because I was home in bed sick yesterday and had to miss class. I mustered up every bit of strength I had and went to school today.  I'm happy I did because, although sick, I really enjoyed making a Blackcurrant Mousse encased Sponge.  It did, however, collapse when I was trying to get in my front door.  I'm back in bed now, enjoying my demolished cake, and about to take a nap.  A big thank you first to all of my classmates and teachers for all of your concern and TLC today! You're the best.

{photos by Julia Ferguson of Room for Dessert}

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